• EMI Music
  • Red Dot Music
  • 2010

Scenes From a Dream

Scenes From a Dream is a classic jazz trio recording with Vince Mendoza and the Metropole orchestra as an extra dimension. With the bass in front as the lead voice, stemming from the Danish tradition, I've made an album that is both sensual and artistic at the same time. It reflects the freedom that I feel I have come to in my musical expression. This album is a milestone that I've could not have made earlier.


Chris Minh Doky - acoustic bass

Vince Mendoza - producer 

Peter Erskine - drums

Larry Goldings - piano

Metropole Orchestra - symphony


1. The Cost of Living

2. Arthos II

3. Fred Hviler Over Land Og By

4. Rain

5. All is Peace /Ru Con Miên Bâc

6. Vienna Would

7. I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro

8. Julio and Romiet

9. Dear Mom

  • EMI Music
  • Blue Note Records
  • 2008

A Jazz Life

This is my compilation album, which actually is a double album. One CD contains my favorite vocal tracks (and a brand new one!) and the other CD contains some of my favorite instrumental moments. It was so much fun to compile these tracks I normally never listen to my albums after I have finished the master, but compiling these tracks I actually listened to all of my albums again. Wow did that bring back memories!


Vocals - Katreese Barnes, Randy Brecker, Søs Fenger, Lalah Hathaway, Al Jarreau, Marc Johnson, Dianne REeves, Vivians Sessoms, Sanne Slomonsen

Saxophones - Michael Brecker, Kenny Garrett, David Sanborn

Trumpet - Randy Brecker

Harmonica - Toots Thielemans

Guitars - Joe Caro, Ole Kibsgaard, Chris Parks, Paul Peterson, Adam Rogers, John Scofield, Mike Stern

Piano & keys - Joey Calderazzo, Jacob Christoffersen, Niels Lan Doky, Larry Goldings, Henry Hey, Lars Jansson, Mads BB Krogh, Makoto Ozone, Ricky Peterson, Ryuichi Sakamoto, George Whitty

Drums - Don Alias, Emil Dewaal, Adam Nuusbaum, Clarence Penn, Alex Riel, Bill Stewart, Jeff 'Tain' Watts, Lenny White 


A Jazz Life, Vol 1:

1. In a New York Minute

2. Don't Get Funny With My Money

3. Every Breath You Tak

4. 1999/Cantaloupe Island

5. Love Me Still

6. Lean On Me

7. I Just Wanna Stop

8. How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

9. The Scanner

10. I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro


A Jazz Life, Vol 2:

1. The Dapper King

2. Goldfinger

3. September (for Tanja)

4. A New Day

5. If I Run

6. Rocks

7. It Once Was

8. Asiacanese

9. Sleepless Dream

10. Tossed Salad & Scrambled Eggs

11. Godfather

12. Home Sweet home

  • EMI Music
  • Blue Note Records
  • 2006

The Nomad Diaries

For a long time I've been exploring electronica inspired by the works of artist like Massive Attack, Bjørk, Nils Petter Molvaer, Talvin Singh, Ryuichi Sakamoto among others. I feel the musical possibilities and the creativity of the new breed of musicians (DJs) - is extremely inspiring. I wanted to find a different way of pursuing my Scandinavian bass roots in keeping with my jazz tradition. I found my path in the cross ways of electronica and the organic spirit of jazz. This album is not only my first step at that pursuit, but also a musical snap shot of my life as a traveling musician. It's written, performed and recorded while on the road in 2005/2005.


Chris Minh Doky - Silent Bass, electric bass, keyboards, programming

Ryuichi Sakamoto - piano

Michael Brecker - EWI and sax

Mike Stern - guitar

Randy Brecker - trumpet

George Whitty - keyboards, programming

Kasper Willaume, Jacob Christoffersen - piano

Oz Noy - guitar

Mads BB Krog - electro vibes


1. September

2. Last Call

3. If I run

4. Blog: Tracking

5. Satelite

6. Blog: Frida + Milo

7. The Scanner

8. Blog: Rise + Shine

9. Life in the mirror

10. Where R U

11. I skovens dybe stille ro

  • Blue Note Records
  • Hori Pro
  • VAM
  • 2002


After playing with my acoustic funk band for several years, I missed playing in a more open and loose situation. I wanted to take a break from the funk band. When I joined Michael Breckers band in 2001, it was not only a huge pleasure playing with these guys, but it also made me realize how much I had missed playing straigh-ahead. I started doing gigs with the trio again and it was clear from jump that my next album (this one) was going to be a jazz trio album. We began recording this album the day after getting off the road with Joey and Tain. It was so much fun hanging out with my old friends and it was so easy. Almost all takes are first takes...

Record Label: Blue Notes Records, 2002


Chris Minh Doky - acousitic bass

Jeff 'Tain' Watts, Bill Stewart, Clarence Penn - drums

Joey Calderazzo, Larry Goldings, Makoto Ozone - piano


Special guest

Toots Thielemans - harmonica

Bireli Lagrene - guitar


1. The James Bond Theme

2. Goldfinger

3. Nothing to Lose

4. Tossed Salad & Scrambled Eggs

5. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

6. My Favorite Things

7. Sleepless Dream

8. Rue Hautefeuille

9. Theme from Godfather 2

10. Someday I'll Fly Away

  • Blue Note Records
  • Hori Pro
  • VAM
  • 1998


This is my first album after the Doky Brothers. I wanted to do something totally different than what I had been doing with DB. I was ready to do something more funky, more edgy, less polite. I wanted to record an album that told the story of who, and where, I was at the time. What better way to do that, than invite all your friends an have a party?

Record Label: Blue Notes Records, 1998


Chris Minh Doky - acoustic and electric bass

David Sanborn, Michael Brecker - sax

Randy Brecker - trumpet

Mike Stern, David Gilmore, Louis Winsberg, Joe Caro, Chris Parks, Paul Peterson - guitar

Paul Peterson, Lenny White, Alex Riel, Adam Nussbaum, Michael Bland - drums

Ricky Peterson, Joey Calerazzo, Jim Beard, Larry Goldings, Lass Janson - keyboards

Lalah Hathaway, Dianne Reeves, Vivian Sessoms, Randy Brecker - vocals

Norbert Lucarain - perc


1. I told you so

2. Every breath you take

3. Welcome

4. Waiting on you

5. Sleepless dream

6. Chhaya

7. Lean on me

8. I just wanna stop

9. A new day

10. Ken & Mai

11. It Once Was

12. Mardi Chez Lionel

13. Messages

14. Home Sweet Home

15. New York City

16. Don't Get Funny With My Money

17. Bass Solitude

  • Virgin Records
  • 1998

In a New York Minute

Sanne Salomonsen with Chris Minh Doky Quartet. This is very special to me. Sanne Salomonsen has since my childhood been one of my favorite singers, influencing the way I play. I was obviously extremely exited when on the Danish part of a larger tour with my band, Sanne was a special guest. We had a great time. The audiences had never heard her in that context, but they loved it too. A few months after the tour, to my big surprise, I received a call, asking me if I would produce Sanne's next album. I was extatic. Listening to her all these years made it easy to decide how I would produce her, but I wasn't prepared to hear that Sanne would be coming to New York a few weeks later to record. The following weeks were spent sleepless, bent over the piano preparing arrangements for the album. But it was all worth it. Sanne stunned everyone in the studio. After the first take, we knew this album would have what you can't plan but only hope for. Magic


Sanne Salomonsen - vocals

Chris Minh Doky - bass

Larry Goldings - piano

Joe Caro - guitar

Clarence Penn - drums


Special guest

Toots Thielemans - harmonica

Michael Brecker, David Sanborn - sax

Randy Brecker - trumpet

Robben Ford, Adam Rogers - guitar

Don Alias - perc

Henry Hey - piano, keys

Peter Busborg & Kenny Lubcke - vocals


1. New York Minute

2. Sometimes It Snows In April

3. Love Me Still

4. Little Wing

5. A Song For You

6. Never Dreamed You'd Leave

7. I Can't Make You Love Me

8. Still Crazy After All These Years

9. In Love We Grow

10. Smooth Operator

  • Blue Note Records
  • Hori Pro
  • VAM
  • 2000

Listen Up!

Do I have fun memories of this band! The entire time following my previous album (Minh) was basically spent on the road, playing with more or less the band on this album. Although still jazz and mostly acoustic, we were definitely becoming more of a funk band. I had so much fun with this acoustic jazz funk thing that I wanted to capture where we had come to as a band. Three days in the studio became this album

Record Label: Virgin/Blue Notes Records, 2000 


Chris Minh Doky - acoustic bass

George Whitty, Larry Goldings - keyboards

Louis Winsberg, Adam Rogers - acoustic and electric gt

Clarens Penn - drums

Special guests:

John Scofield - guitar

Kenny Garret - alto sax

Randy Brecker - trumpet

Katreese Barnes - vocals

Makoto Ozone - piano

and others...


1. The Dapper King

2. 1999 / Cantaloupe Island

3. All at Once

4. Rocks

5. Eternally

6. Was

7. Sacro Monte

8. Doky Folky

9. Rain

10. Asiacanese

11. Mornings

12. Reincarnated

(only Japanese album version)

  • EMI Music
  • Blue Note Records
  • 1996

Doky Brothers 2

Following the success of Doky Brothers 1, the next installment was very ambitious. I personally missed a little more edge, but the album came out and did well

Record Label: Blue Note Records, 1996


Chris Minh Doky – acoustic bass

Niels Lan Doky – Piano

Al Jarreau, Sanne Salomonsen, Gino Vannelli, Dianne Reeves – vocals

Toots Thilemans – Harmonica

John Scofield, Louis Winsberg – guitar

David Sanborn, Bill Evans – sax

Randy Brecker – trumpet

Terri Lyne Carrington, Jeff Tain Watts, Alex Riel, Anders Mogensen, Jeff Boudreaux – drums

Mitch Forman – keys

Trilok Gurtu, Xavier Dessandre Navarre, Darry Munyungo Jackson – perc

Randy Cannon, Sharon Full, Chris Parks, Paul Mazzio, Joyce Imbesi


1. How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

2. Man In The Mirror

3. Forever Grateful

4. Tender Lies

5. Efter Festen

6. Waiting In Vain

7. Sex Pots

8. Silent Prayer

9. Reminiscence

10. Waiting On You

11. If You Were My Man

12. Time To Say Goodbye

13. Der er et yndigt land

  • EMI Music
  • Blue Note Records
  • 1995

Doky Brothers

When Blue Note offered us this contract, we were really exited. But I was also a little worried about how to make time to do this album justice. I was touring constantly (300 days a year) and hadn’t played much in Denmark for a while. It has to be the two of us, otherwise there was no deal. But it all worked out and I was exited about playing and recording with my other brother Niels again. I knew we had a thing together that was really cool. When the album came out, it sold really well and created a whole new audience for jazz in Denmark. We had a lot of great moments with the band.

Record Label: Blue Notes Records, 1995


Chris Min Doky – acoustic bass

Niels Lan Doky – piano

Alex Riel, Klaus Suonsaari, Anders Mogensen – drums

Ulf Wakenius – guitar

Curtis Stigers, Deborah Brown – vocals

Michael Brecker – sax

Randy Brecker – trumpet

Frank Stangerup – keys


1. While We Wait

2. Summertime

3. My One And Only Love

4. Children's Song

5. Teen Town

6. Hope

7. Fearless Dreamer

8. You Never Know

9. I Feel Pretty

10. Natural Woman

  • Storyville Records
  • 1991


On the last album I did for Storyville, I had just started playing with Mike Sterne. The experience of mixing rock with jazz (with Mike Stern), exited me so much that I tried to do it on this album, although I was in the process of figuring out a way to miz Danish folk traditions with the New York experience. The album came out sounding unfinished. After this album I decided to work more with my ideas before recoring them. Not one of my favorite recordings, although there’s som moments.

Record Label: Storyville Records, 1991


Chris Minh Doky – bass

Niels Lan Doky – piano

Randy Brecker – trumpet

Adam Nussbaum – drums

Hans Oxmond – guitar


1. Letters

2. If You Do

3. Please, Don't Leave

4. Coming Home

5. Thinking Of Nan

6. Tokens

7. Answers

8. Lullaby