CMD & The Nomads, feat. Dave Weckl, Dean Brown & George Whitty.

Chris Minh Doky & The Nomads are set to deliver tradition-defying electric jazz that is wired for funk. Chris Minh Doky, Dean Brown, George Whitty and Dave Weckl have propelled jazz with an individual passion that radiates when they are on the side or at the front. Now they’ve formed the hardest grooving band on the electric jazz scene—on the planet.

Wanderlust has taken the four of them to the four corners of the music world—just like Nomads—playing with artists as varied as Chaka Khan, Michael Brecker, Paul Simon, Mike Stern, Eric Clapton, the Brecker Brothers and many more. Led by Chris Minh Doky, the dynamics and diversity of Dave Weckl’s drums, Dean Brown’s guitar and George Whitty’s keyboards create a funk groove greater than the sum of its parts. When soaring out on solos, they stay within the satellite pull of the groove they’ve carved and then glide back to the nucleus of funky jazz.


Chris Minh Doky - New Nordic Jazz

Chris Minh Doky's New Nordic Jazz explores the enigma of Nordic storytelling. Following a long lasting desire to crystallise his heritage from Danish and Nordic culture, he has now joined forces with his favourite Danish musicians, Peter Rosendal and Jonas Johansen. Acoustic Jazz is the vehicle they use to interpret the many moods of melancholy and merriment within the soul of the Danish tradition. His world-acclaimed unique style of bass playing is the voice you’ll hear as the tales unfold in lush melodies and solos, standing on the shoulders of another proud tradition of Denmark; The Acoustic Bass.


Solo jazz bass & symphony

The acoustic solo jazz bass at the center of original, lush and artistic arrangements by multiple Grammy© Award winner, Vince Mendoza. Originally recorded for the acclaimed Chris Minh Doky album, Scenes From a Dream. The program features additional arrangements of Danish folks songs and Chris Minh Doky compositions. Available as a guest soloist appearance by Chris Minh Doky - or with Vince Mendoza as guest star conductor.


Voices, a concert for solo bass and choir

The unique song tradition of Denmark is the foundation of this program of  contemporary, original arrangements for choir and solo jazz bass. All arrangements are harmonised and created specifically to the unique sound of Chris Minh Doky’s acoustic bass. Available as a guest soloist appearance by Chris Minh Doky - or with Michael Bojesen as conductor.



Educational / inspirational

Clinics and teaching (available in English, Danish, French).

  • The approach, philosophy, technique and method of Chris Minh Doky. Topics include the bass, the rhythm section, music and jazz.  For conservatories, music schools and bass students

Foredrag på dansk:

  • Et liv med musik - (60-90 min.). Et foredrag som ikke kun handler om Chris Minh Doky's vej ind i musikken og det spændende liv fra foreste række på den internationale musikscene. Det er er også en inspirerende fortælling om hvad et menneske kan lære af musikken, til en bedre forståelse og og større nærvær i livet udenfor musikken. Foredraget henvender sig til alle der kan bruge metoder og inspiration til at finde end mening og en stærkere forindelse til sig selv om omverdenen. Indeholder musikalske indslag. Kræver ikke musikerfaring/forståelse.
  • Ægte Sammenspil - (30-45 min.). Hvordan opnår man en bedre mening og et bedre resultat af sine gøremål, i og uden for arbejdet? Hvordan undgår man at føle sig fremmegjort i et samarbejde? Hvordan kan man opnå en dybere mening med det vi gør? Med afsæt i musikkens verden og Chris Minh Doky's lange internationale karriere, påviser han hvorfor vi forveksler det at have ægte sammenspil og det at spille samtidigt. Hvad er forskellen, faldgrupperne og gevinsten? Med Chris Minh Doky's indlevende fortælleform præsenteres vi for metoder der kan få samarbejdet til at 'swinge'. Teknikker der kan give os mening i vores egen rolle og glæden ved samarbejdet. Foredraget henvender sig primært til organisationer og virksomheder der ønsker at optimere samarbejde og arbejdesglæde blandt deres medarbejdere. Kan evt. indeholde musikalske indslag. 

Lectures in English:

  • A Life in Music - (60-90 min.). A lecture that doesn't stop at the stories of how Chris Minh Doky found his way in music and his exciting life at the top of an international music career. It is also an inspirational story of what we can learn from music, and how to use it to reach a better understanding and connection to everyday life. In- and outside of music. Get the methods, techniques and get inspired to use the musical approach in your life. This lecture contains live musical solo performances.
  • Real Interplay - (30-45 min.). How do you reach a sense of deeper meaning with your work? How do you avoid feeling alienated when collaborating with others? Based on Chris Minh Doky's experience from a successful international music career, we learn how to distinguish between real interplay and just playing simultaneously.  How and why we often confuse the two and what the rewards are from real interplay. Chris Minh Doky presents methods and techniques from the music world, that if used outside of music will lead to the same result; A group of people that gels in to one. Where everyone not only have a purpose, but feels a purpose. Only then, will you and the people you perform for, feel the 'groove' with you. This lecture is primarily catered to organisations who wishes to optimise collaboration and enthusiasm.

Workshops på dansk:

  • På baggrund af deltagernes selvvalgte numre og formåen, arbejder Chris Minh Doky sig frem til et optimalt sammenspil hvor også forskellen mellem simultanspil og ægte sammenspil, opleves. Der stilles specifikke opgaver til deltagerne og Chris Minh Doky eksemplificerer de metoder og teknikker han har opdaget igennem en lang karrierer blandt de bedste musikere på den internationale music scene. watches knock off Workshop længde er afhængig af deltagerantal. 

Workshops in English:

  • Based on the self chosen tunes and abilities of the participants, Chris Minh Doky will work with them to obtain an optimised interplay experience as well. The participants will also learn and experience the difference between real interplay and simultaneous play. Specific exercise will be given where Chris Minh Doky will exemplify the methods and techniques he has learn through ar career among the best musicians and artists on the international music scene. Length of workshop is depend on number of participants.


Current sideman bands

  • Mike Stern band (since 1990)
  • Brecker Brothers Band Reunion



Chris Minh Doky has been a member of:

  • Michael Brecker Quartet and Quintet (2000-2007)
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto (1994-1996)
  • Michel Camilo (1997)
  • Brecker Brothers (2003)
  • Bill Evans & Randy Brecker Soul Bop Band (2005-2007)
  • David Sanborn (1995-2001)
  • Bireli Lagrene trio (1991-1994)
  • Trilok Gurtu & Crazy Saints (1993-1996)
  • Sanne Salomonsen (musical director, 1998-2000)
  • Doky Brothers (1994-1997)
  • Søs Fenger on Holiday (1991-1993)

Chris Minh Doky has performed, toured, recorded and worked with a long list of musicians. This list only contains long term collaborations, initiated by the listed artist.