"...there is a softness and crisp clarity that is very different from the sound others derive from the acoustic instrument."
DownBeat (US)

"Excellent playing!"
Billboard Magazine (US)

"He emerges from the background of the piano solos to seize the lead with a bear like hug that is briefly overwhelming before it subsides behind the piano, still trailing vestiges of its rugged power" 
The New York Times (US)

"Chris Minh Doky is the frontline of the new horizon in the world of Acoustic Bass" 
FMFAN (Japan)

"A powerful bassist...superb technique."
Jazz Times (US)

"...few bassists combine softness and supple strength so distinctively, or mix dense, swirling runs and the simplicity of an underlying theme in such a shapely and unforced manner
The Guardian (UK)

"..but especially notable is Chris' lyrical bass and the work of John Scofield"
Winnipeg Sun (US)

“stunning virtuosity…with his big and beautiful tone…”
Berlingske (DK)

"Chris Minh Dokys playing was a young master's class in opposite counter-melodic improvisation"
The Guardian (UK)

“the finest melody maker”
Berlingske (DK)

The Evening Standard (UK)

"the only other bassist that in regards to his relationship with his instrument, comes close to that of Niels Henning Orsted Petersens"
Politiken (Denmark)

"Minh Doky delivered the first of a dazzling succession of unaccompanied solos..."
The Guardian (UK)

“an amazing energy…”
Jyllandsposten (DK)

"...a mix of virtuosity, funky directness and enthusiasm"
The Guardian (UK)

"..singing tone and perfect technique."
The Guardian (UK)

"...a commanding presence..."
The New York Times (US)

"..world-class bassist..."
The Guardian (UK)

"A virtuoso "
Le Monde (France)

**** (4 stars out of 5)"
The Guardian (UK)

"... a deep respect for the tradition paired with a very broad contemporary experience "
Berlingske Tidende (Denmark)

" ...world class musician..."
Bass Magazine (France)

"Chris Minh Doky is schooling and influences and all, that rare thing: A Natural. He makes music flow, sing. It talks to you. You can't learn that. It's a gift. And with it comes a sound of one's own. Chris' sound is is, and it's a beautiful thing".
Rutgers University (US)

Berlingske Tidende (Denmark)

"A Danish export success "
Gaffa (Denmark)

"...he has a special soft tone that is candy for your ears"
Politiken (Denmark)

"Young Power!"
Aarhus Stiftidende (Denmark)

"Chris Minh Doky is a very elegant musician with a sense for the powerful"
Politiken (Denmark)

"Chris Minh Doky is extremely skilled as a soloist as well as an accompanist"
Aarhus Stiftidende (Denmark)

"Chris Minh Doky is a fine, strong bassist"
Windsor Star (US)

"...he plays solos with instrumental excellence"
Jyllands Posten (Denmark)

"Chris is in a class of his own. He is an extremely skilful bass player "
Mike Stern

"A great musician who brings his own energy, personality and style to every musical endeavour."
Michael Brecker

"His sound is distinct, his conception is unique- he's simply one of the best."
Randy Brecker

"Chris Minh Doky is a great bass player . . . great to play with, great to listen to. He can play all the kinds of music that I like to play - and that's hard to find."
John Scofield

"One of the most versatile and musical players I know.  Minh definitely has the goods!"
David Sanborn

"It's very obvious that Chris Minh Doky is an extraordinary musician. This comes through clearly in both his playing and writing. What also makes Minh so special is his incredible enthusiasm for music and that he always plays his heart out."
Mike Stern

"I've had the pleasure of watching Chris Minh Doky develop from a being a very talented teenager to becoming a player, composer, bandleader, recording artist, and producer of the first rank. As a player his sound is istinct, his conception is unique- he's simply one of the best."
Randy Brecker